All of the cosmetics I sell are new. "NEW" meaning that they have not been tested or used. However, some may have minor damage to the product or the packaging may be less then perfect. I will state the condition of each item that I list within the description. Also, many of the cosmetic items I sell are rare, discontinued items so naturally they are not "fresh from the factory." So, keep this in mind when you purchase any discontinued or retired cosmetic item.
No, currently I only ship within the continental United States of America.
Yes, the buyer pays the highest shipping and handling cost for the first item, but only .50 cents shipping cost on each additional item purchased within a single transaction. My shipping costs DO INCLUDE handling fees to help defer the cost of various shipping supplies like bubble wrap, bubble envelopes, labels, printer supplies and other misc. supplies. Plus, the cost of gasoline to drive to the post office. We do not have carrier pickup in our area so I have to deliver all packages to the post office. Questions: feel free to contact me, I will respond as soon as I am able to.
YES, but you must go through the NON-GOOGLE CHECKOUT before this option will be displayed.
Yes, we do offer Google Checkout as a payment option. However, if you pay via that method you will receive an invoice with my other company name on it "Pink'n'Pretty Fragrances. " Do not be alarmed, your purchase will be actually be coming from "About Ur Face Cosmetics." If you have questions feel free to contact me and I will respond as soon as possible.
No, this state doesn't have a sales tax, so we do not have to charge tax even when shipping to states that have one. Nice isn't it?
Our prices are very competitive, usually lower then other online sellers so we no longer will consider offers. However, we will be having sales frequently. So please read the opening page to our site as it will tell you the amount of the discount and the duration of the sale.
Yes, we will frequently have sales, especially around the holidays. These sales will be for GoogleCheckout Customers only as there is no other way to run a sale through this store setup. However, our prices are usually lower then most of the competition already, so in a sense our items are always on sale!
In most cases no. You must keep in mind that colors vary greatly in electronic media. Every monitor is adjusted differently depending upon the preferences of the owner. It is best to know the product or shade you are buying in advance to avoid disappointment.
They are genuine Mary Kay Cosmetics that I bought from a former MK rep who went out of business. However, the Mary Kay company doesn't like resellers that are not Mary Kay reps to use their name, so Google will not add them to their listings. Therefore I am listing them as famous brand cosmetics.